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Image Response Assessment Team

Imaging Response Assessment Team (IRAT) Key Responsibilities:

The IRAT within the CCIR provides services, quality control and tumor response evaluation analysis of conventional (and novel) imaging studies and cancer clinical trials conducted at the Siteman Cancer Center (SCC). IRAT Services are available to all Siteman Cancer Center members and include:
  • Individualized attention for clinical trial needs.
  • Transfer of imaging exam data to a dedicated Research PACS system for processing and storage of images (including the measurements).
  • Accurate, dedicated, and timely analysis of CT, MRI, and PET/CT imaging results.
  • Use of standardized measurement criteria are available, e.g., RECIST (single dimension), IWG (two dimensional), standard uptake values (SUV) for PET, and DCE-MRI measurements.
  • Review of all measurement results by board-certified Radiologists.
  • Delivery of results in an easily understood spreadsheet format reflecting the review criteria used.
  • Web-based viewing tools for remote access and review of images.
Please contact the team using the email address shown below for more information.
E-mail: ccir-irat@mir.wustl.edu
Download IRAT brochure.


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